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I.W. Incorporated was established in December 1994. Since then, I.W.I. has been representing manufacturers of quality lighting fixtures and equipment in New Mexico, El Paso, Texas, southern Colorado and Chihuahua, Mexico.


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139 Headingly NW Albuquerque, NM 87107
TEL (505)821-0056
FAX (505)821-0039

El Paso:
604 Upson El Paso, TX 79902
TEL (915) 351-0848
FAX (915) 351-2229

I.W. Incorporated Lighting the way
Bruce Cox
Bruce Cox Partner - I.W. Incorporated

Bruce Cox  has 30+ years experience in the electrical industry. His expertise has been shared between the New Mexico and Pennsylvania markets. With eighteen years as a sales representative covering the wide range of inside sales, outside sales and quotations as well as twelve years in the lighting agency business as a principal and a quotation manager. His responsibilities include quotations and project management.



JD Ketchem
JD Ketchem Partner - I.W. Incorporated

JD. Ketchem  has 31+ years experience in the electrical industry. His expertise has been dedicated in the Albuquerque area with six years as a sales representative for a major electrical supply company, as well as six years in quotations, outside sales and specifications sales for a local lighting agency. The previous nineteen years have been devoted to building I.W. Incorporated. J.D. now operates the El Paso office.



Bill Jolley
Bill Jolley Partner - I.W. Incorporated

Bill Jolley  has 30+ years experience in the electrical industry and 16 years in the lighting representative business covering a wide range of inside sales, purchasing, outside sales and assistant branch management position with local electrical distributors. His responsibilities include distributor, contractor and specified relations, quotations and project management.



Dan Perks
Dan Perks Roadway Specialist - I.W. Incorporated

Dan Perks has 33+ years experience in the electrical industry. His expertise will be directed in the roadway and outdoor specifications for the state of New Mexico.



Kala Thomas
Kala Thomas Quotations - I.W. Incorporated

Kala Thomas brings with her 11+ years of experience in the lighting industry.  Her expertise includes customer relations, quotations, ordering, and project management.  She is responsible for quotations.



Joe Duchene
Joe Duchene Architect/Engineer Relations - I.W. Incorporated

Joe Duchene joined IWI in 2013, and has been in the lighting industry for 4 years.  His primary responsibilities include Architect and Engineer relations in the El Paso, and Las Cruces areas.  Joe has also worked closely with El Paso Electric on their energy efficiency rebate program,  he has also helped many local businesses become more energy efficient, and receive local/federal rebates.




Lisa Leger Baillo
Lisa Leger Baillo Administrative Assistant - I.W. Incorporated



Lawson Specification Sales - I.W. Incorporated

Lawson R. Shanklin, JR. has been in the industry for thirty three years, he has worked for Engineers, Contractors, Distributors and has been a Lighting Specifier for fifteen years.  He is highly experienced in Specification, Design, IECC, LEED requirements. Lawson has also worked on numerous design build projects and lighting control systems.



Lisa Oakerson
Lisa Oakerson Office Manager - I.W. Incorporated

Lisa Oakerson has been in the Lighting Industry for eight years.  Lisa supports project management between the Albuq and El Paso office.



Oscar Muniz
Oscar Muniz I.W. Incorporated

Oscar Muniz has 14 years of electrical industry experience. His experience has been dedicated in the El Paso area working with local electrical distribution. His background includes counter sales, quotations, inside sales and outside sales.